Platforms indonesian payment Bitcoin close their doors

The payment platforms Bitcoin indonesia Toko Bitcoin and Bitbayer have ceased their operations in response to the recent announcements according to which the Bank of Indonesia will not recognize the Bitcoin as a payment method. Although the position of the central bank of indonesia make the business model of crypto-currencies is not viable, the transactions […]

Intel joins Ledger to integrate a wallet Bitcoin to the technology SGX

Ledger, the French specialist of the security applications of crypto-currencies and device Blockchain, based in Paris, teamed up with Intel to offer better protection to users of digital wallets. Ledger will integrate its operating system called the Blockchain Open Ledger Operating (BOLOS) in the extensions Intel Softxare Guard (Intel SGX). The portfolios are intended to […]

The co-founder of Apple, said that the Bitcoin is better than gold

The co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, on the Bitcoin, arguing that the crypto-currency could become the best asset. He added that its value may even exceed that of gold or the u.s. dollar. He explained that the Bitcoin is more stable and less subject to arbitrary changes of the offer. During the event Money 20/20, […]

Bidorbuy multiply its growth by six with Bitcoin transactions

With steep ascents successive the price of Bitcoin throughout the year 2017, the business sector in South Africa is beginning to move on the web. All the more that the country is actively developing the ecosystem of Bitcoin. Bidorbuy, the version south-african eBay, is a relatively young company that started its activities in spring of […]

A Russian entrepreneur wants to create a range of vodka with names of crypto-currencies

Dmitry Troitsky, a Russian entrepreneur, plans to create a range of vodka bearing the name of the crypto-currencies popular. Troitsky has filed a patent application in order to develop three brands of vodka, namely ” Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic “. Pixabay Take advantage of the popularity of crypto-currencies Dmitry Troitsky has filed with the […]

BTCChina is on the verge of closing the operations of withdrawals of crypto-currencies

BTCChina, the largest trading platform Bitcoin China announced the closure of foreign exchange operations and the termination of services of withdrawals on the 30th of October next. Btcc The final closure points to his nose To accelerate its closure, BTCChina will adjust the transaction costs of withdrawal, to remind and urge users to withdraw their […]