The indian central bank has not banned crypto-currencies

The indian central bank is very concerned about the power of crypto-currencies and their use by the inhabitants. However, it is important to know that the financial authority does not have the power currently to ban crypto-assets on the territory. A decision-making complicated For several days, sites british announced that india’s central bank will ban […]

To the director of the central bank of Portugal : “The Bitcoin is not a currency “

Helder Rosalino, director of the Portuguese central bank, Banco de Portugal (BdP), recently gave an interview to the local daily ECO regarding the Bitcoin, crypto-currencies and the technology Blockchain in general. For him, it is important that people know that “a crypto-currency is not a currency” for the central bank of Portugal. Rosalino vigorously defending […]

Bithumb introduces a system of payment in crypto-currencies for social networks

Bithumb, one of the largest exchange platforms in the world, the buzz today with a new system called SNS Pay. It is a module allowing users to buy items directly on the social networks, in digital currencies. A revolutionary system Bithumb is part of the greatest actors of crypto-currencies in the world, its platform for […]

Police officers involved in a case of kidnapping of people with Bitcoins in India

The media in india have revealed that 11 people have been involved in a case of abduction and extortion of Bitcoins. Among the individuals suspected, there were 10 police officers, including an inspector. Three people were abducted. The kidnappers were beaten up to get 200 Bitcoins with a value of over a million dollars. Here […]

Japan has 3.5 million traders in crypto-currencies

Several surveys from the agency of financial services in japan have demonstrated that people are passionate about crypto-currencies. In fact, more than 3.5 million people who have already invested in virtual currencies. Interesting surveys It is the FSA, that is to say, the Financial Services Agency, Japan, which has conducted surveys very recently. The goal […]

22 european countries have signed a partnership agreement on the BlockChain

April 10 is an important date for the technology BlockChain as 22 european countries have signed a partnership agreement in the Digital Day. In fact, it is the mutual expertise of these countries in order to put in place a regulatory framework at the supranational. A european demand For the past several months, the governments […]

The crypto-currencies are a rare commodity, which confirm that the current investors

The crypto-currencies are currencies increasingly rare. Moreover, the crypto-currency is the most known in the world, the Bitcoin, has reached a new record. The price of this virtual currency is now around $ 8,000. Moreover, investors are increasingly turning to other crypto-currencies. There are currently various types of digital currencies, including Litecoin and Monero. The […]