20 % of the financial institutions could start trading crypto-currency in 2018

The market of crypto-currencies could attract traditional investors this year. In fact, according to a survey by Thomson Reuters, approximately 20 % of the financial institutions could operate on this sector by 2018.

Most of the companies that plan to launch transactions of digital currencies this year, which is 70 %, want to do it in 3 to 6 months. Nearly 22 % said they would consider entering this market in 6 to 12 months to come. Thomson Reuters surveyed more than 400 companies through its trading platforms FX, REDI and Ekon.

Here is a video in English that will give you more explanations about this study :

Increase in the trade of crypto-currencies

In January 2017, prior to a recent study, Thomson Reuters surveyed institutional investors about the Bitcoin and other virtual currency. According to them, the early success of Bitcoin has surprised many investors. The rumors regarding the launch of a platform for the exchange of crypto-currency by Goldman Sachs have been all the more surprising.

Below is a video in English relaying the rumors about Goldman Sachs :

In the survey conducted by Thomson Reuters, one can also know the different ways in which the financial institutions are going to start trading of digital currencies. This study therefore reveals the direction of the market of crypto-currencies this year.

Development of Altcoins ?

Customers of Thomson Reuters is a growing interest in the crypto-currency. This study’s objective was to determine whether there was a need for Thomson Reuters to cover the pricing and trading of crypto-currencies. The digital currencies and the most popular have been mentioned, but the most interesting was to see the position of the investors on the Altcoins.

This has led Thomson Reuters to reflect on the question of whether the professionals in the sector say they would create a fund consisting only of a Bitcoin and Ethereum. The financial institutions surveyed seemed less interested in Altcoins such as Monero and Zcash.

Source : NCC

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