21 Million, a podcast dedicated to the history of Bitcoin

The technology of BlockChain and all crypto-currencies seem to fascinate the public. To the extent that Capital has decided to develop a new concept around this hot topic. This is a podcast that focuses on the most famous of the virtual currencies, namely Bitcoin.

A show on the Bitcoin

The Bitcoin is now part of the daily lives of many investors. Most French admit they know what it is. But, finally, what do we really know of this crypto-currency ? Well, not much ! It is through this observation that Capital has decided to launch a podcast teaching called 21 Million.

Pixabay – The Digital Artist / The show focuses on the origins of Bitcoin.

This first issue has spoken in particular of the origins of the crypto-currency, its creation or its specifics. But experts, including the director of the House of Bitcoin, who was invited, also recalled that it was a currency more ancient than previously thought. In fact, in the show, we learn that the concept of digital currency is appeared in the 1990s, in the Silicon Valley, almost at the same time as the early days of the Internet to the general public.

Of exciting information

Initially, the Bitcoin was created to find a solution to the economic and financial crisis of 2008. In particular, it is based on the anonymity of the users. Besides, the specialist is also responsible on the benefits offered by the crypto-currency compared to the currencies of classic. The journalist has not failed to pay tribute to the actors that have led to the development of Bitcoin.

As many of the points particularly interesting, therefore, have been addressed in the course of this first Podcast. Capital intends to repeat the experience by focusing on the crypto-currencies. Because there are a lot of things to say, and especially a lot to learn on this subject of controversy for several months now. Very interesting !

Source : Capital