22 european countries have signed a partnership agreement on the BlockChain

April 10 is an important date for the technology BlockChain as 22 european countries have signed a partnership agreement in the Digital Day. In fact, it is the mutual expertise of these countries in order to put in place a regulatory framework at the supranational.

A european demand

For the past several months, the governments of the european countries are numerous to claim a regulatory framework for crypto-currencies. However, the european Union has responded to this expectation by launching an international partnership. The purpose of such a partnership is to include as many countries as possible to implement a legislation adapted to the greatest number.

Logo Digital Day / It was during the european convention that the partnership became a reality.

For the moment, so these are 22 countries that have agreed to participate in the adventure. The countries now members of this partnership are, therefore, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, the netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Czech republic, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.

A crucial step forward

An official announcement was published following the formalisation of this partnership, and in particular we can read the following : “A close cooperation between the member States will help to avoid the procedures divergent, and will guarantee interoperability, as well as a larger deployment of services BlockChain. This partnership will contribute to the creation of a favourable environment, in full compliance with the laws of the EU and with models of governance that are clear, which will help the services BlockChain to thrive across Europe. “

Pixabay MaxFonz / This partnership should enable us to strategically integrate technology BlockChain.

The spokesperson for the partners, Mariya Gabriel, commissioner for the digital, is very enthusiastic. She explained that, in the near future, the public services would integrate the technology BlockChain, this last being a very nice opportunity for States to rethink information systems. She also recalled that this technology could help to create new commercial offers : “The partnership launched today allows member States to collaborate with the european Commission in order to transform the huge potential of the technology BlockChain in better services for the citizens. “

Therefore, it is an advanced extremely important, this partnership marking the beginning of a new era. These 22 countries will now move forward hand in hand to integrate technology into the BlockChain efficiently, while protecting citizens and providing a regulatory framework for crypto-currencies.

Source : Digital day