25 % of young people between 18 and 24 years are willing to invest in the Bitcoin in France

The crypto-currencies have the wind in its sails these past few months. France is not immune to the phenomenon, on the contrary, since according to a recent survey 25 % of the 18-24 age group intend to invest over the course of the year 2018. Zoom in on these figures particularly interesting.

An international phenomenon

It is an international phenomenon that worries many experts and politicians. In fact, the crypto-currencies have taken on a magnitude completely unexpected and have become uncontrollable for about a year. And in recent months, Bitcoin and other digital currencies fascinate the crowds. France is no exception. A survey Odoxa-Linxea, achieved for The Echoes, proves it. Examples of this are the young people who are more interested in crypto-currencies. The results of the survey are surprising !

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It teaches you that 75% of French people know the Bitcoin. In addition, 20 % know exactly what it is. These are even interested in virtual currencies and learn on a daily basis on the evolution of their value. However, for 70 % of the French, they are objects for speculative dangerous. And 67 % believe that it is perilous for the economy. Thus, one may conclude that the French are rather distrustful of the digital currencies.

A growing interest among young people

But let’s not be too hasty. In fact, 26 % of respondents believe that the Bitcoin is a profitable investment, and interested in so. 10 % have already invested, 17 % intending to do so in the coming weeks.

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But what are the young people who were between 18 and 24 years of age, who are most interested. Their gaze on the crypto-currency is different, the latter arguing that it is a great investment opportunity. 49 % of them think that it is a profitable investment. And 36 % are convinced that crypto-currencies will replace shortly with the official currencies.

Of what to worry the governments that many wish to put in place a regulation. France in fact !

Source : The Echos