3 out of 4 americans have never heard of ICO, 68 % do not know Ethereum

The crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, are today the interest of a large number of investors around the world. The United States and Japan are currently the market leaders. The market capitalization of crypto-currencies is estimated to be more e 182 billion. The ICO currently have the wind in their sails and have helped to launch numerous start-ups.

Although this sector is booming, most americans are not yet aware of this technology. According to a survey conducted by LendEDU, 68.4% of americans have never heard of Ethereum, the second digital currency and the most used, just after the Bitcoin.

Ethereum, a crypto-currency still misunderstood by many americans

The market of the Ethereum now represents nearly 30 billion dollars. In spite of the fluctuation of the price of this virtual currency, it attracts a lot of investors. After significant gains in recent months, the market capitalization of the Butcoin has reached 110 billion dollars. This crypto-currency is more known. Moreover, 78.6% of americans have heard of Bitcoin.


Moreover, 25 % of them confirm to know the ICO. Approximately 21 % of americans think that the ICO are illegal in the United States. Nearly 61 % do not know if this type of funding is illegal or not. More than 11% consider the Bitcoin as an investment is illegal.

Young people are much more ” in the know

As you might expect, the young americans have a lot more knowledge in the field of crypto-currencies. Only 13 % of respondents aged over 55 years have heard of Ethereum, so that 58.5% of americans aged 18 to 24 years old have knowledge of it.

Considering the figures, only 15% of respondents said that they planned to invest in crypto-currencies. The survey of LendEDU was conducted by OnePoll, and involved 1,000 american adults aged 18 years and over. If the United states, the people do not know this technology, what about other countries like France ?

Source : Forbes