3,000 distributors of Bitcoins are installed in the world

Distributors of Bitcoins are more and more present. In effect, the symbolic threshold of 3 000 distributors in the world has been reached, and there are about six new facilities each day. The situation is changing so very quickly.

Many distributors

The Bitcoin is in the air. But for that it grows like a mint “classic” you need to be able to use it and manage it via distributors including. However, it seems that enthusiasm is required, as the development is quite impressive these last few months. It counts now not less than 3,000 distributors ATM of Bitcoins in the world. And each day, new templates are installed.

Pixabay – Stux / We find more and more distributors of Bitcoins in the world.

Moreover, the pace continues to accelerate, because in less than 18 months we have seen 1,000 new distributors to be installed. Despite the impressive waterfall of the value of the Bitcoin, the craze remains the same. The virtual currency seems to promise a bright future.

A rapidly increasing demand

In fact, the request for the purchase and sale of Bitcoins in the world, including through vending machines, increases. Now, the part of distributors to buy and sell crypto-currencies is more than 35 %. However, only half of the distributors offer something other than Bitcoin, Litecoin is the crypto-currency more popular.

Pixabay – WorldSpectrum / there are very few distributors of Bitcoins in France to this day.

This is the United States that have the largest number of distributors of Bitcoins, with 1,800 slot machines. Then comes Canada, then to Austria, which has already 174 distributors installed. In France, there are only two distributors, both in Montpellier. So France still has much progress to make, but all hope is not lost ! It seems that a number of start-ups are currently working to install ATM Bitcoins on the territory… more To come !

Source : Bitcoinist