$ 400,000 stolen by a hacker on BlackWallet

Being stolen by cybercriminals is without any doubt the anguish of the platforms of crypto-currencies. Unfortunately, these are the things that happen. The evidence with BlackWallet which has lost hundreds of thousands of euros this week.

A piracy that’s expensive

Unfortunately, it’s the current trend : piracy. After the platforms Tether, CoinPouch, or Youbit, it is the turn of BlackWallet to be the victim of cyber-criminals. It is the security researcher Kevin Beaumont who comes to confirm the news. Nearly 400 000 dollars that have been stolen. How is this possible ?

Hackers have injected code in the portfolios, and the funds were then automatically transferred to a third platform which is no other than Bittrex. The two platforms, Bittrex and BlackWallet, are currently working together to try to block the account of the pirate, if not outright show it. It is still the case that, for the moment, no solution could be found.

Warning BlackWallet

The leaders of BlackWallet have warned the users. They have asked them not to open the digital wallets for the moment. The creator of BlackWallet is out of the silence to explain the situation :

“BlackWallet has been compromised today, after someone else has accessed my account from hosting provider. He then changed the DNS settings with those of his fraudulent Web site (which was a copy of BlackWallet). I have contacted both SDF and Bittrex to ask them to block the account of the hacker. I have contacted my hosting provider to disable my account and my websites. “

Blackwallet (web wallet) has apparently been hacked pic.twitter.com/HhewwBXnD9

— Kevin Beaumont (@GossiTheDog) January 14, 2018

The latter wished to apologize, and confirmed to have good hope for recover the funds lost. To this day, BlackWallet is inaccessible and displays an error 404.


No solution has thus been found. It remains only to wait for an official statement of the directors of the platform. A case to follow closely…

Source : CoinTelegraph