50 apartments sold in bitcoins in Dubai

Still a advanced surprising that proves that the crypto-currency account in the economic world. We learn today that it is a lot of 50 apartments, particularly luxury offered for sale in bitcoins which was sold to Dubai there are only a few days.

An ambitious and innovative

A few months ago, in September 2017, we may learn not without a certain surprise that Michelle Mone and the billionaire Doug Barrowman wanted to develop a real estate project in Dubai. The specificity of this project, which amounted to $ 327 million for the place that take the crypto-currencies.

Pixabay – JeShoots / This is a real-estate project is particularly luxurious which has been offered for sale only in bitcoins.

In fact, all these apartments were put up for sale in bitcoins. The site is located in the scientific park of Dubai. The completion of the works is scheduled for 2020. It is the company Aston Developments which is in charge of the realization of the real estate program extremely luxurious. When the leaders of the project have announced that the sale would be made only in virtual currency, many are those to be shown to skeptics. But they were wrong !

A sale very fast

As Michelle Mone and Doug Borrowman have found takers. And much more quickly than they thought it would ! In effect, the wealthy businessman is out of the silence during an interview with Business Insider.

Pixabay – Geralt / investors in bitcoins are quickly positioned to buy a lot of real estate in Dubai.

He confirmed that the lot had been sold in its entirety : “We have allocated 50 of the 1,300 developments. We have sold everything. Some have bought one or two, and an individual has bought ten. “However, the apartments offered for sale were particularly costly, since it was necessary to shell out 15 bitcoins for a studio, or about $ 130,000. And 45 bitcoins for one of the two parts, which corresponds to 380 000 $ (at the time of the sale in any case !).

According to Michelle Mone, these transactions demonstrate at what point it should now rely on the crypto-currency in the business world. Investors in bitcoin and other digital currencies will not say the contrary.

Source : Business Insider