50 Cent at the head of a veritable fortune in Bitcoins

50 Cent just remember that he had invested in Bitcoins. It is not a small sum, as the american rapper would account for more than $ 8 million in the crypto-currency. It is in any case what it said on the social networks on Wednesday 24 January.

A payment long since forgotten

In 2014, 50 Cent released a new album entitled Animal Ambition. However, exceptionally, the artist had agreed to pay in virtual currency to the tune of 700 BTC, which corresponded at the time to a value of $ 400 000. The rapper was then associated with BitPay, the platform, offering them the possibility to accept Bitcoin on their Shopify store. It was the first time that an album could be obtained in bitcoins. And, at that time, the Bitcoin was worth 660 dollars. Gold, 50 Cent has just, it seems, remember that he had that money… You know, the price of Bitcoin has been multiplied by 17 ! So it is at the head of a real small fortune !

No strategy on the part of a rapper

50 Cent has announced the good news to his fans on his Twitter account. He would have earned this money by pure chance, and this new wealth would not be linked to any strategy.

A little bitcoin anyone? LOL. l know l make you sick order excuse me…I’m getting to the bag ? #denofthieves pic.twitter.com/DCJu2thDr9

— 50cent (@50cent) January 23, 2018

He has admitted on social networking that he had simply forgotten these bitcoins. However, its placement at the time was ambitious and daring, and he was quite a visionary ! Now, many musical projects are turning to crypto-currencies, like the last album of the musician Björk, which can only be achieved with crypto-currencies. In fact , you can buy it with Bitcoin, the Litecoin, the Dash or the AudioCoin. 50 Cent has therefore been rather clever !

Perhaps he should now consider to sell their bitcoins. Anyway, it was visionary and we can only say to him bravo !

Source : Bitcoinist