500 million users are affected every month by the pirates of the mining of crypto-currencies

The experts of AdGuard have suggested that the new phenomenon of mining of crypto-currencies without the knowledge of users of some web sites, could in fact be a more significant problem than previously thought.

A half-billion internet users

It all started when it was learned that the site of illegal downloading, The Pirate Bay, has secretly mined crypto-currencies through a JavaScript code implanted in their web site. This code was intended to use the power of the processor of the computer users to extract crypto-currencies. It was for them a means intended to increase their income regardless of the advertising. Then, it was the site of the online Streaming, Showtime, who also used the same code. However, according to AdGuard, the pandemic of this phenomenon, blasting illicit seems to be much more important. In fact, AdGuard is estimated that more than 220 web sites use actively, and secretly, this method, with more than half a billion people per month.


A difficult problem to solve

Many of these sites, in particular those who have come forward and have admitted that they used the power of the CPU of the computers for the mining of crypto-currencies, using tools such as CoinHive and JSEcoin. These scripts are activated in the browsers to check the transactions in Blockchain. In fact, they tend to require a lot of resources of computations. Over the past three weeks, AdGuard has estimated that the persons behind these methods have gained about 43 000 $. Since crypto-currencies are a commodity so sensitive, the race to have it has seen the emergence of many methods of blasting. In fact, the encoding of the scripts is not even the only way to illegally obtain crypto-currencies. PolitiFact, a site of verification of the facts, has exploited a script for the mining of crypto-currencies, but has since deleted.

In the video below, you will find a clear and concise explanation of what is the mining of crypto-currencies, especially Bitcoin.

Source : Cointelegraph