70% increase in the Bitcoin Cash after the announcement of Coinbase and Gdax

Traders of crypto-currencies can now trade the Bitcoin Cash in on two of the scholarships the most popular the world, Coinbase and Gdax. The new ads has contributed to the increase in the price of Bitcoin Cash to more than $ 3,700. A record level for the digital currency that has experienced an outstanding development since the beginning of the year.

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The Bitcoin Cash is trading now on Coinbase

On the blog of Coinbase, it was indicated that the company is pleased to announce to guests the opening of negotiations of Bitcoin Cash. This crypto-currency has become, in a few moments an alternative micropayment at the core of Bitcoin. Today, the third-largest digital currency has a market capitalization of more than $ 58 billion. Its price in the last 24 hours has increased more than 70 %. Coinbase said that it is possible to exchange this crypto-currency.

Here are the details of this announcement :

Bitcoin Cash offers fast transaction processing more interesting and affordable fees. Coinbase is one of the largest companies of the exchanges of crypto-currencies in the world, with more than 13 million users. This year, it has welcomed nearly 100,000 new accounts in one day. The stock exchange based in San Francisco has been operational since 2011.

The Bitcoin Cash is trading on Gdax

In parallel, Gdax has also announced their intention to exchange Bitcoin to Cash. They have said that the company is pleased to announce that the digital currency is now available on Gdax. The company took this decision taking into account the interests of customers, the support of the developer, the security of the network, of the market capitalization and trading volume.

It is now possible to exchange this crypto-currency with Bitcoin, the dollar or the euro. Moreover, later in the evening, Coinbase and Gdax were suspended abruptly in the exchange Bitcoin to Cash. A decrease of almost $ 5,000 has been ascertained after such termination of operations.

Source : NewsBitcoin