80 000 locations in europe will soon be able to accept payments in crypto-currencies

Do not bury especially not crypto-currencies too quickly, because it seems that they have a bright future ahead of them. In fact, they are attracting interest from many e-tailers, to such a point that the service of creation of sites e-commerce PrestaShop has just joined to CoinGate.

An essential partnership

PrestaShop is used by many e-merchants across Europe. To make the difference and stand up to the competition, which is more rugged, the paris-based company has just joined to CoinGate. This payment service provider specialized in digital assets will allow us to more than 80,000 Web sites european accept payments in virtual currencies.

Logo CoinGate / The association between PrestaShop and CoinGate is promising for the future of crypto-currencies.

Dmitrjius Borisenka, the CEO of CoinGate, is simply delighted by this collaboration, and has thus explained : “to encourage the adoption by individuals […] is part of our main priorities. PrestaShop relies on a database of shops, small and medium size, who could use crypto-currencies as an innovative payment backed by a growing popularity and less costly than the payments traditional credit card, while enjoying the benefits provided by the Bitcoin. “

E-retailers will be able to make support payments in crypto-currencies and will be credited the corresponding amount in fiat currency, like the euro or the dollar, for example.

A societal evolution major

This partnership will therefore allow users who want to spend their crypto-currencies. But it is also an agreement that initiates real change of mindset, incentives for individuals to adopt a mode of payment, still very little used until now : “It is a new market, with individuals who hold all kinds of crypto-currencies, and are looking for ways to spend it. But, in this ecosystem, the gap between the customers and the merchants are still particularly important. Therefore, it is crucial to educate and encourage companies to adopt a forward-looking approach and to overcome the misconceptions that still surround the crypto-currencies. “

CoinGate and @PrestaShop partner to bring #cryptocurrency payments to 80,000 #ecommerce merchants! Learn more in the official press release: https://t.co/7SgFdxhsZN pic.twitter.com/AzQWPhyXRi

— CoinGate (@CoinGatecom) March 21, 2018

PrestaShop is one of the leaders in terms of e-commerce solution in the world, as more than 270,000 shops in 194 countries use this open-source solution. It is, therefore, a culmination ambitious and promising that he should see in this agreement between one of the world’s leading platforms dedicated to e-commerce and CoinGate.

Source : UseTheBitcoin