A base station smart charging technology-based IOTA

Dutch engineers have developed a charging station for electric cars that work with the technology Tangle of IOTA. That is to say that they have developed an intelligent system to charge the vehicle based on the crypto-currencies IOTA.

A smart terminal

It is on the campus of Buiten in Arnhem in the netherlands you will need to go to discover the all-new generation of charging stations for electric cars. This terminal is innovative and unique in the world. It was designed by ElaadNL, an organization developing a charging system solar and wind, associated with the technology Tangle of the crypto-currency IOTA.

YouTube – ElaadNL (see video at end of article) / This terminal charging of electric vehicles is innovative and effective.

It is an intelligent system which allows the recharging of the electric vehicles, but also to pay for parking. One of the engineers explained the following thing : “We have seen the potential of the technology to the records will be distributed and we said to ourselves : could we integrate it into a charging dock ? Could we use this technology to develop a system that is better integrated, as a smart grid, and the use of renewable energy with this system ? “

A micro-payment in crypto-currency

It is, therefore, a terminal that relies on the technology Tangle. It is a protocol that works without a minor, or block, to achieve micro-payments in crypto-currencies, without adjusting for transaction costs.

The co-founder of the crypto-currency IOTA, Dominik Schneider, is excited about the development of this system, which should help popularize the use of electric cars : “The charging of electric vehicles is one of the many applications where IOTA serves as the obvious choice as a protocol to make payments between machines. “

You can discover the functioning of the terminal in the video below :

This terminal allows you to charge an electric car with solar and wind energy produced by ElaadNL while using the digital currency IOTA for micro-payments. This is a major innovation that is expected to develop rapidly.

Source : ElaadNL