A british couple violently assaulted for a theft of bitcoins

The Bitcoin appeals to many people. To such a point that some are ready to everything to hold. Unfortunately, a couple of thirty-something british was violently assaulted at his home, the villains who wish to recover their bitcoins. This is the first time that we witness this type of steering in the world.

A little steering regular

It is in the south of England, in the small village of Moulsford, a couple is actually shedding at his home for his bitcoins. This Sunday, they have been victims of an armed robbery. Four men wearing balaclavas broke into the home. It is important to know that the two young thirty-somethings living in a huge farmhouse, which is also the headquarters of their company Aston Digital Currencies Ltd.

The woman was tied up, the baby has been isolated to the outside and left alone… As for the man, who is described as a trader is experienced, he has been forced to transfer its holdings of bitcoins to the attackers. This is the first time that a robbery to get the crypto-currency takes place. Which proves once again the popularity of real to virtual currency.

A flight without no limit

Despite the decline in the value of Bitcoin, the digital currency always wins a great success. And what heist proves that he must be careful and above all discreet with the crypto-currency. In fact, an attack like this can be far more serious than a theft of money or with a credit card. Why ? Simply because that there is no limit. Attackers can steal huge amounts of money in just a few minutes.

Pixabay – Geralt

For the moment, we do not know exactly what is the amount that was stolen to the british couple. The whole family goes well, and there is no serious injury. The police, which leads of course to the survey, hope it will be possible to trace it back to the attackers, anonymity is only partial on the platforms.

This assault was a reminder of how important it is for the holders of crypto-currencies, secure the private key, that is to say, the personal password in a safe place. The caution is more than ever required.

Source : The Forum