A Bulgarian university offers a scholarship in Bitcoin

We recently learned that the management University of Varna (VUM) in Bulgaria will be part of the restricted list of higher education institutions to provide a scholarship in Bitcoin.

A scholarship of a value of 1000 euros

In 2018, ten software engineering students will receive scholarships in Bitcoin, with a value of 1000 euro per semester. The University will also give the opportunity to those who are applying to receive the grant in euros, or in Bitcoin. The future software engineering students can also expect new modules for the crypto-currency and the technology Blockchain. Students who seek to apply for this scholarship must meet the standard criteria such as having good grades during secondary school and have an excellent command of the English language. Then an academic committee will select students based on their interest in the technology Blockchain.


Lovers of crypto-currencies becoming more influential

This scholarship Bitcoin has become a no brainer given the importance of the community of fans of crypto-currencies within the University. Indeed, it is thanks to weekly workshops covering the world of crypto-currencies that the ideas of a stock exchange in Bitcoin and innovative training courses on the technology of Blockchain have emerged. In an interview with Cointelegraph, Omer Ilyasli, director of digital marketing at the Bulgarian university, said that the student body is at the forefront regarding the development of the technology Blockchain.


The University of Varna want to go even further

The launch of this scholarship program in Bitcoin is only the tip of the iceberg for the University of Varna. IIyasli insists on the fact that the community already in place could lead to the creation of a real educational center for technology, Blockchain and crypto-currencies. In addition, with the prospect of a scholarship that one may have in Bitcoin and courses related to the technology Blockchain, the University hopes to attract some of the young brightest minds in the world. The University of Varna is also working on the use of Bitcoin for payment of tuition fees. As with the University of Lucerne in Switzerland.

Source : Cointelegraph