A byelorussian university is launching a degree course for a diploma in cryptography

After the legalization of crypto-currencies and the ICO has been recorded in Belarus, university of belarus has announced the opening of a course about crypto-currencies, the technology of Blockchain and the ICO. Requests for information regarding this new training were not slow to come.


The national technical University of Belarus wants to take advantage of the legalization of crypto-currencies

Recently, Alexander Lukashenko, president of Belarus, has agreed to legalize crypto-currencies, the ICO, but also the intelligent contracts. He has just signed the decree ” on the development of the digital economy “, which stipulates, inter alia, that the revenues related to the crypto-currencies are exempt from tax for the next five years. One of the first consequences of this announcement of Lukashenko is the establishment, by the national technical University of Belarus (BNTU), a special course dedicated to crypto-currencies. It is clear that the BNTU is prepared since a long time to approval of this decree. Founded in 1920, the BNTU is one of the largest universities of Belarus. Among its former students, there are two former prime ministers, namely, Vyacheslav Kebich, and Gennady Novitsky.


Comprehensive training on crypto-currencies

From what I could read on the Web site of the university, the course covers all the transactions related to crypto-currencies and futures contracts of crypto-currencies, the use of technology blockchain, and finally, the use of the ICO as an alternative to IPO. The course lasts 20 months and is open to people with graduate education and students of higher education institutions. The announcement of the BNTU has met with great interest. In fact, on the page Facebook of the university, over a hundred comments were posted in response to this new curriculum. In regards to the cost of this training, the university announced $ 966 $.

Source : News.bitcoin.com