A canadian bank offers safe deposit boxes to store digital assets

It is a canadian bank that embarks in the adventure of the crypto-currency, proposing very shortly to its customers with safes computer so that they can store their digital assets.

Secure digital assets

More holders of the crypto-currencies have been scammed in the world these last few months. The excitement around digital currencies is such that the envious are many. Also, to protect investors and store their digital assets, a canadian bank agrees to raise a hell of a challenge. In fact, the VersBank will play the card of innovation by offering digital safes to its customers. Thus, they will be able to store private keys accessing their virtual currencies.

Logo VersaBank – Canada

The CEO of the VersaBank, David Taylor, is convinced that a turning-point plays in the world of finance. He wishes that his institution is actively involved in, and he said : “We offer the same as the banks – security – except that we think that the safes are in the process of becoming obsolete. Now, the most valuable assets that people hold are contained in digital format, whether it is the act of notarization, contracts, or crypto-currencies. “

Provide a safe, accessible to all

The service should be available from the month of June next. The establishment is long and tedious. He is an expert in cyber-security, who previously worked at BlackBerry, who was hired to set up these safes and strong-boxes.

Pixabay – Sinisamaric1

This vault, called VersaVault will be accessible to all. The VersaBank recalled that the employees will not have access to the assets stored inside it : “Our competitive advantage in this market : we are very secure, and very attentive to privacy issues. The bank will have no access to safety deposit boxes : we will be working to provide the infrastructure that will allow our customers to use their digital keys. “

The VersaBank is the first bank in the world to offer this type of service. Very soon, several financial institutions such as Shinhan Bank in South Korea, will offer the same thing.

Source : Bloomberg