A candidate for the Russian presidential election wants to legalize Bitcoin

Boris Titov, a Russian businessman and a defender of Bitcoins, has recently revealed that it would participate in the presidential election of 2018. Titov, the leader of a political party, said he would legalize the crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The russians would be able to keep them in the banks, he added.

As the ruble to be used, it will not be possible in Russia to use the digital currency as a means of payment, explained the businessman. The presidential candidate indicated that the economy and society of the country need to change.

A fundamental change to Russia

Boris Titov has given its opinion on the future of Russia. A kind of program that he would like to propose. Mr. Titov explained that the country needs a vibrant economy. Its program includes the development of the digital economy, including the technology Blockchain.

Following the video perfectly illustrating these facts :

He also mentioned that Russia was planning to create its own crypto-currency national, referring presumably to the Cryptoruble. In regard to the extraction of crypto-crypto-currencies, Boris Titov said that Russia has the best facilities for such an operation. The Russian legislation protects investors, ” said Titov.

The interest of Titov for the digital currency

Titov has always called on the Russian government to legalize virtual currency such as Bitcoin. It has thus encouraged the senior leaders of the country to contribute to the development of this technology. Its objective is to enable Russia to become a world leader on this market. He also explains the potential of crypto-currencies. According to him, Russia could create investment opportunities with the Bitcoin.

Darwin Laganzon, Pixabay

According to Wikipedia, the political party of Titov supports a market economy, democracy and the protection of the rights of the middle class. It is perceived as a party that is pro-Kremlin, but differs from the current authority on several points.

Source : CryptoCoinsNews