A candidate in the Missouri senate accepts contributions in crypto-currencies

This week, the Senate candidate, republican Austin Petersen announced that he was going to accept crypto-currencies for the financing of his electoral campaign. Petersen has received a total of 24 donations in crypto-currencies this year, and the most important has been 0,284 BTC, which is equivalent to 4 500 dollars.

A collection of crypto-currencies

The republican Austin Petersen is looking for a place in the Missouri senate. It was thus decided to accept the donation of Bitcoins to get there. Mr. Petersen was a finalist in 2016, to represent the party Libertarian to the presidency of the United States. The candidate of the Missouri is very well known by the young voters, due to its favourable position vis-à-vis Bitcoin. He also offered a rifle AR-15 in a raffle. Last December, the man 36-year-old said in an interview to be a very big fan of the community of crypto-currencies because of what it represents.

Below are the details of this announcement :

This week, the records of the FEC (Federal Election Commission) have revealed that Petersen has received the largest donation in crypto-currencies of history of the United States. In total, Petersen would have collected 24 crypto-currencies. For his campaign, he uses the company BitPay, based in Atlanta. This platform allows him to facilitate the receipt of gifts.

End the FED (Federal Reserve System)

Petersen said last September that he would like to see the deregulation of the current monetary policy. In addition, the applicant has explained to want to see the abolition of the banking system private of the us federal Reserve. In his program, he has indicated that he would introduce legislation that would be decentralizing the monetary unit, the dollar, so as to legalize the other assets such as crypto-currencies or gold.

Petersen is following other american politicians who have accepted donations of Bitcoins in the past. In 2014, the democrat Jared Polis has received crypto-currency for his campaign. The republican senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, has also accepted digital currencies for the financing of his presidential campaign in 2016.

Source : NewsBitcoin