A centre dedicated to the Bitcoin Cash is going to be opening in Limassol, Cyprus

With the launch of the Bitcoin Cash by Gdax and Coinbase, the adoption of the crypto-currency is likely to accelerate further. To assist local users, developers and investors to meet and discuss this technology, there will be a new community centre for the Bitcoin Cash in Cyprus.

An interesting initiative that could surely bring yet more popularity to this digital currency.

An island dedicated to the Bitcoin Cash

Limassol, the second largest city of Cyprus, will open its first community center in 2018. This place will be open to all investors or individuals wishing to exchange for the crypto-currency. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to talk about the Bitcoin Cash and to meet regularly with experts of the industry of crypto-currencies. Hello Group, a company fintech, is at the origin of this project. This company launched the first atm exchange of Bitcoin in the city a month ago.

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Cyprus is an ideal destination for the crypto-currency. The island serves as an offshore financial center for many enterprises of Europe and the Middle East who are in need of cost-effective solutions in order to transfer the money. Users are also more likely than others to see the advantages of a currency of which they are the only holders. In addition, the financial crisis of the EU in 2013 has left a bitter taste with investors.

A solution much faster and economic

The main reason why users opt for Bitcoin Cash is that it offers a faster processing and transaction fees relatively low. The founder of Goldmoney stated hope that the company adds the Bitcoin Cash soon.

Many investors advocate this crypto-currency. Yoshitaka Kitao, president of the financial giant SBI Holdings, said recently that his company will dedicate resources to enable a future world where the Bitcoin Cash is used for daily payments.

Source : NewsBitcoin