A chain of electronics stores japanese accepts Bitcoin as payment

Yamada Denki, the largest consumer electronics retailer in Japan, has entered into a partnership with bitFlyer, the main operator of crypto-currencies in the country, to test the payments by Bitcoin. Initially, this digital currency will be accepted in two of the stores Yamada Denki Labi in Tokyo. However, the company plans to deploy this payment option in the crypto-currency national scale in the future.

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Stores Yamada Denki accept Bitcoin

Yamada Denki, the leader in the sale of consumer electronic devices in Japan, has announced that it has begun testing payments via Bitcoin since January 27. This is possible thanks to a partnership with Bitflyer, the largest trading exchange of Bitcoins in Japan. According to a note published by the japanese mobile phone operator NTT Docomo and an independent study conducted by a research service in japanese investment, Kenkyo Investing, Yamada Denki is the largest chain specializing in the sale of household appliances and electronics in the country.

Source : Pixabay. Yamada Denki accepts Bitcoin as means of payment in its stores in Japan.

After the publication of Yabai, Yamada Denki is known to be the largest electronics store in Japan that offers a wide choice of products sold at very affordable prices. Two stores Yamada Denki already accept the Bitcoin as a means of payment. It is, in particular, Yamada Denki Labi Shinjuku and Labi in Tokyo. The company confirms that these sites have many foreign visitors, which makes them good locations to perform this test.

The future retailers may accept Bitcoin

Yamada Denki expands in Japan through various brands, including the store Tecc Land, Labi, Yamada, Mobile and Yamada Outlet. The store Tecc Land are often independent companies. Stores Labi are points of sale to large scale that are typically found in front of the railway stations of the city centres.

Yamada Mobile is specialized in the computer and the phones. According to the latest statistics of the company, there have been 956 stores managed by the group in 2017. In April of last year, another large electronics chain has partnered with Bitflyer to accept payments by Bitcoin.

Source : NewsBitcoin