A chinese investor wants to buy Bitcoins with cash and steal 146 000 euros

The events took place in Hong Kong : an investor is robbed of 146 000 euros in cash after giving appointments to men to buy Bitcoins…

A very bad idea

To avoid having to overcome the costs of some platforms, a man had an idea which seemed to him excellent. He decided to buy Bitcoins with cash. It has, therefore, been given an appointment with a group of men, in a neighborhood not recommended in Hong Kong. Unfortunately it was an ambush.

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Arrived with a bag full of’1.4 million in hong kong, or 146 000 euro, he was attacked by five individuals wearing balaclavas. His cash has been stolen. The victim has been nicknamed Lee by the local media, has filed a complaint with the authorities who are actively looking for the perpetrators.

A cash purchase… it is too risky !

The investor from Hong Kong had contacted these men via his account:. He had found an agreement with the aggressors, who have offered to buy 5 Bitcoins. He was thus entitled to a discount of 5% from the market price. But to take advantage of this discount, the condition was to pay in full in cash. What Lee has finally agreed. He made it to the place of rendezvous, at 16: 30 at a Starbucks. Then, he met two men, who asked him to get in another place at 21: 30. What the chinese investor has agreed, without batting an eyelid.

To 22h, Lee received a call on his mobile phone. The questioner asked him to go in front of the State Theater Building. It was there that he was attacked by men in balaclavas. He was not injured seriously, but his bag containing the cash was stolen. And, for the moment, it’s impossible to locate…

A lack of caution evident that reminds us that we should never invest the cash, same for savings. Be careful ! Indeed, it is preferable to obtain Bitcoins from a platform of trust with your bank account or your credit card.

Source : Bitcoinist