A church in Zurich accepts donations in Bitcoin, Bitcoin to Cash, Ether, Ripple and Stellar

Some traditional media are highlighting the illegal use of crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin. According to them, these digital currencies are used to launder money or to support terrorist groups. But in reality, this technology can be used to many other things. Moreover, to silence the critics, here is a concrete example. In fact, a church in Zurich, now allows its members to use virtual currency for their donations.

A church in switzerland accepting the crypto-currency as donations

ICF Zurich, an evangelical church of the largest city in Switzerland, has started to accept donations from its parishioners by using virtual currency. According to its website, the church allows members to use the Bitcoin, Bitcoin to Cash, Ether, Ripple and Stellar in the way of offerings. The spokesman of the church, Nicolas Legler, announced to the press agency of switzerland Idea that crypto-currencies will completely change our daily lives in the years to come. The digital currencies such as Bitcoin will be controlled by the government, he added.

Below is a video explaining perfectly these facts :

They are convinced that this technology will occupy an important place in our daily life, he explained. No one would have believed, there are still twenty years that the Internet would change our lives”, said Mr. Legler.

Preach to the young people

According to a information site of the evangelical european, this church is known for its use of all kinds of new technologies in its services of worship. It also has many young members, most of which adopt the new solutions financial transfers. Switzerland is considered as a country where innovation is highly appreciated.

Source : Ubaidillah, Pixabay. A church in switzerland will accept crypto-currencies as donations.

There are many examples showing that young people have changed the way they practice the gifts. Among these, there are in particular the donation of $ 86 million of Bitcoins to ensure the development of the project MDMA. This aims to encourage research in order to treat post traumatic stress, contribute to health care evolving in various countries, and other actions to preserve the environment everywhere in the world…

Source : NewsBitcoin