A commercial battle raging between the companies of trade of crypto-currencies japanese

The companies trade in digital currencies and the japanese have been very active for the promotion of their services. Several companies, including Zaif, DMM Bitcoin and bitFlyer, have deployed advertising campaigns on a large scale. It is the same for Coincheck, a platform of exchange which has just been the subject of a hacking. These companies have broadcast tv commercials with original music.

Below, the advertisement launched by Zaif Crypto Exchange :

The companies of trade of crypto-currencies in Japan have launched advertising campaigns

The companies of trade in japan have actively advertised their activities. Last week, Zaif has joined Coincheck, Bitrade, DMM Bitcoin and bitFlyer to broadcast an advertisement on tv to promote its services. According to CM Soken Consulting, agency, marketing research, advertising on television has increased significantly over the last year. Between 20 December 2017 and 19 January 2018, tv commercials of Bitflyer and Coincheck has been released 819 times in Kanto.

Check out below the advertisement launched by bitFlyer :

Japan Times has also pointed out that a huge billboard bearing the image of DMM Bitcoin is present in one of the liveliest areas of Tokyo. The japanese market is the most dynamic in the world, said Kenji Harashima, a researcher specializing in the technology of financial.

The advertisements very original

Last week, Zaif Crypto Exchange has begun broadcasting a national advertising featuring the actress, model and singer japanese Ayame Goriki. The advertising spot of one minute also features original music, called ” Zaif for Bitcoin “.

Following the advertising of DMM Bitcoin :

BitFlyer, the largest exchange of crypto-currencies in Japan, was the first to broadcast ads at the end of the month of April 2017. The company has recruited the actress and model japanese Riko Narumi for the spot. There are also DMM Bitcoin which has started to promote its brand at the beginning of the year. The advertisements of DMM Bitcoin feature actresses Rika Nakagawa and a japanese star known under the name of Laura.

Source : NewsBitcoin