A company of trading of crypto-currencies suspends its operations in transaction because of the chinese pressure

Bitkan, a business of trading of crypto-currencies based in China, announced last Tuesday that it will suspend its nesignalpérations OTC (over-the-counter). It is a decision that is quite surprising, given the rumors according to which markets OTC may be excluded from a possible ban. Thus, in a press release, Bitkan said that it would suspend the service trading from 12: 00 noon today. The suspension will affect both its users on computers and on mobile. However, the withdrawals and the deposits will remain active, according to the company.

The suspension will only affect a part of the operations

The press release notes that this suspension is the result of the announcement by the people’s Bank of China on 4 September last year concerning the prohibition of fundraising and trading activities using the method ICO (Initial Corner Offering). The release of BitKan explains : “After the suspension of the service for OTC portfolios e BitKan will continue to operate normally. The deposit and withdrawal of funds will not be affected. “The company does not say when, or if, the service will start working again normally. However, the communiqué highlights the significant impact of the policies put in place by the chinese government on the local industry of the crypto-currency.

Rumors not yet confirmed by Beijing

In recent days, reports have emerged claiming that China was on the point of put in place a total ban on the transactions of crypto-currencies. However, up to now, the major stock markets have all stated that no formal notification has been received from the regulatory authorities.