A company of Ukrainian marine transport accepts Bitcoin for global trade more quickly and without penalties

The global maritime industry could see substantial benefits in the use of Bitcoin at the time where a sender Ukrainian negotiates its first transaction in Bitcoin. The Bitcoin that still comes to reach a new record value.

Solve a real problem of the payment

Varamar Ltd., a shipping company based in Odessa, a port city in the south of Ukraine, will be among the first maritime operators to accept payments in Bitcoin. According to Bloomberg, the sender is currently negotiating its first transaction in Bitcoin with a client and will accept crypto-currencies in the future. The maritime transport sector is known to be notoriously lazy and slow to adopt new technologies. However, the Bitcoin can permanently resolve a critical process that has regularly plagued the maritime industry modern, to know the payments.


Save time and attract a wide customer base

In fact, Varamar Ltd. wants to ensure that the ship operators may in the future perform secure transactions with sanctioned countries who cannot make payments the traditional via the banks. The paperwork during transactions is a real problem with banks, and payments via Bitcoin are an alternative to speed. This could also solve the payment problems in countries such as Pakistan, Russia, Sudan, Yemen, and Qatar, which have businesses that are safe, but are victims of financial sanctions.

The maritime transport sector is already investing heavily in the trade fuelled by technology Blockchain. In fact, several pilot projects in the world have already experienced complete transactions of trade finance and supply chain. In adopting the Bitcoin as a method of payment, in parallel with the implementation of the technology Blockchain, the global maritime industry would see significant gains in terms of efficiency and revenues through decentralized technologies.

Source : Cryptocoinsnews