A company specializing in the sale of mansions in London will only accept the Bitcoin as a means of payment

More and more companies now consider crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, as a means of payment. Recently, a real estate agency in london has put on sale a mansion in Notting Hill. A manor-house of six floors has been sold for 17 million pounds in west London. The company has not accepted payment in bitcoin.

The crypto-currencies currently have the wind in its sails, despite the repression of some countries, such as China. According to the co-founder of the company, Lev Loginov, their goal is only accepting the Bitcoin is that this digital currency is widely used in various transactions in Great Britain.

A revolution is in march in England

In recent times, the crypto-currencies have been at the heart of all discussions. In the United States and Japan, the virtual currency is growing in popularity more and more. Furthermore, the situation is different in other countries. For this company, it is essential to change all the perceptions on the Bitcoin.

Laura, Tara, Pixabay

He has stated that crypto-currencies are really going to change the way real estate transactions are carried out. He added that he would like to be the first company to conduct transactions in bitcoin. This payment method is much faster, efficient and easy to implement, he pointed out.

A market faces some constraints

According to Loginov, the real estate sector will always face different problems, particularly at the time of the finalization of a sale. It will also be necessary to adjust the commission payment of the real estate agents.

Despite this, he stated that he was confident about the future. Such a decision could contribute to the development of bitcoin. Instead of payments, which traditional users currently prefer the bitcoins. In addition, this is a worthwhile investment for property owners. With the recent rise in the price of this virtual currency, the investors will be the winners.

Source : CoinTelegraph