A conflict between different shareholders jeopardizes a company of crypto-currencies worth more than $ 230 million

There are just three months, the project, dubbed Tezos, has raised $ 232 million through an ICO. At the time, it was the largest funding collected in the area of crypto-currencies. But the company is in danger today, because of a conflict between the different leaders.

This conflict pits the two young founders of Tezos, Arthur and Kathleen Breitman, Johann Gevers, the president of a swiss foundation. The couple has contributed to the development of the technology Tezos. They have invested in bitcoin and ether. The increase in the prices of these two crypto-currencies has made it possible to multiply their funds to more than $ 400 million. In addition, the Breitmans, which has the solution Tezos seek to oust the president of the foundation.

Check out below a video explaining what the technology Tezos :

A strategy to eliminate the possibility of Gevers

The lawyer of the couple Breitmans sent Sunday a letter from 46 pages to the two members of the executive committee, calling for the rapid withdrawal of Gevers and seeking to give them a substantial role. The Breitmans wish to put in place a new structure and to limit the responsibilities of the foundation.

According to Gevers, the two members of the board of directors have suggested later by e-mail that he was going to think about it before deciding. The president of the foundation said that he would not resign.

A situation that could jeopardize the future of the company

The Breitmans have already tried to control the foundation, said Gevers. This situation has led to costly delays in the development and launch of the technology Tezos. The president of the swiss foundation explained that the couple was needlessly the project in danger.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake. The new crypto-currency is called a Tezzie. Up to now, we do not yet have precise information on the launch date of this new virtual currency.

Source : Reuters

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