A crypto-currency in honor of Emmanuel Macron ?

By creating a crypto-currency asset-based on the oil reserves of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro would not have dared to give his name. The president of the French Republic has a crypto-currency to its name, but unwillingly. Have you ever heard of a MACRON ? Not ? Then it is time to discover this crypto-currency rather fun !

MACRON : a context

Emmanuel Macron is still little known to the general public a few years ago, the digital currency bearing his name is necessarily recent. In fact, she has seen the light of day during the period between the two rounds of the French presidential elections in 2017. The it professionals who have developed have therefore been very reactive and quick… They wanted to be a militant act to stop Marine Le Pen, considered to be rather reluctant to Bictoin :

On the markets, the MACRON is commonly referred to under the abbreviation ” MCRN “. The logo takes most of the time, the portrait of the current president of the French Republic… The technical point of view, this crypto-currency is based on the principle of the technology BlockChain.

The figures of the MACRON

At the opening of the month of march, 2018, the MACRON was not worth much. Each unit was valued at 0,002502 $, which is approximately 0.002 €… Fortunately, he is not the popularity rating of the president of the Republic with the same name ! In any case, this may be what encourage the AMF to find a wise balance in the French regulation to weigh on the crypto-currencies :

The peak value of the MACRON was reached on January 9, 2018, reaching out to 1 penny. Suffice to say that the severe correction of the start of this year has seen its progress come tumbling down… the past few days, the latter begins to increase, which could decide to investors.

Currently, there are outstanding 401 421 401 MACRON, all representing the tidy sum of one million of dollars – and even slightly more. It is therefore a great success for its creators, who have managed to surf on the political news !

Without this list being exhaustive, the MACRON can be traded on two major platforms : Yobit and Cryptopia. On 1 527 crypto-currencies referenced, it was 746e position is of value. Is this funny idea will be emulated, with the creation of the TRUMP, or MERKEL ? To see !

Source : CNEWS Morning

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