A cyber-attack powerful to create the crypto-currency

It is a cyber-attack of unprecedented that has been criticized by a british researcher in computer security. It is a type of piracy, particularly discreet, who has been brought to light in the beginning of the week.

A hack without previous

There are thousands of Internet sites which have been infected worldwide by this hacking is unprecedented. The software uses the power of infected computers to create and retrieve from the crypto-currency. The virus spreads extremely rapidly and it is one of the attacks the most important of recent years.

Pixabay – Geralt / computer hacking of very large scale has been brought out by a specialist british.

This is Scott Helme, a british researcher specializing in computer security, who initiated the alert. According to the man, more than 4,000 websites have been attacked in recent days, including some government sites. In fact, the site of the british authority, data protection or the website of the u.s. federal courts have been directly targeted by this cyber-attack is particularly serious.

Malicious software

According to Scott Helme, the hackers have infected the Internet sites with a plug-in. It is a piece of software that users download to perform easily certain tasks. However, in reality, it was a virus to create Monero. This crypto-currency is particularly used at the moment on the financial markets in the world.

Pixabay – Khaal / The malicious software made it possible to create crypto-currency.

However, the british company TextHelp was at the origin of the creation of this plug-in. But officials quickly discovered that the product was used to create illegally the crypto-currency and have therefore disabled the software : “This is a criminal act and a full investigation is underway. “

It is a cyber-attack of a new kind, that makes his arrival. This hacking uses the power of the computer system to perform mathematical calculations extremely complex and be rewarded by the crypto-currency. It is a relatively easy way for cyber criminals to get rich quickly. Disturbing…

Source : Actu Orange