A divorce case involving crypto-currencies, with a value of 840 000 dollars in the United Kingdom

A divorce is never fun and rarely easy, but when the groom has of digital currencies, the situation is even more complicated. Although crypto-currencies are now experiencing a rapid growth in popularity, there have been very few cases to date where the couple sprinted for the sharing of altcoins. A british law firm that has claimed to actually treat three cases of this kind. The most important means of crypto-currencies, with a value of 840 000$.

A new that made headlines

It was only a matter of time before a divorce involving the sharing of virtual currency of great value to capture the headlines. In this case, it is Britain that is the first country where such a case arises. The law firm Royds Withy King has seen found in the national newspapers in this case. In a press release, it was able to discover the statements following : “Royds Withy King is now in charge of three cases of divorce involving digital currency “.

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But the divorce, which surprised the community of crypto-currencies for an initial investment of 80 000 pounds in November 2016, is estimated to be 1 million pounds in December 2017 and be worth today 600 000 pounds, or 840 000$.

The equitable sharing applies-does he still ?

Even if the bride does not seek an equal share of crypto-currencies, it may, for various reasons, to get the maximum. As stressed by Vandana Chitroda, a partner at Royds Withy King, the volatility of this market presents a real challenge for the development of crypto-currencies. The assessments must be performed at several times during the process of divorce.

If the couple needs to reach an amicable settlement, the husband could enter into an agreement on a bearish market. In the years to come, the courts may prove to be a testing ground to determine how the digital currency are classified and evaluated.

Source : NewsBitcoin