A Dutch bet everything he owns on the bitcoin

A dutchman selling his house and everything he owns and then moves in a campsite. He has invested all his money in bitcoin. The latter hopes for a rise in the price of bitcoin to become rich. Didi Taihuttu, 39-year-old father of three children, did not hesitate to sell his house, his car, his bicycle and other property of value in order to buy bitcoins and other crypto-currencies.

Taihutt said in Newsweek that in the beginning his wife was not at all in agreement with this decision. His brother and his sister were of the same opinion. He added that his whole family supports him now.

A family who loves the challenges

Taihuttu has explained that it is a family that likes challenges and that it follows its instincts. However, he added that he hoped that this will be a good decision. At the time he sold his home, the price of bitcoin was $ 3,700. The value of this digital currency has since increased by a third, worth today around 4 800$.

Taihuttu has begun to invest in bitcoin in 2010 after a friend had spoken of the virtual currency. After the death of his father in 2016, it has decided to sell his business and start traveling with his wife and children.

Taihuttu wants to invest in the bitcoin until 2020

When he returned to the netherlands, he decided to sell all its assets and invest in the crypto-currency. He plans to continue the experiment until 2020, always with the intention to sell other assets and increase its capital.

It is hoped that the price of bitcoin continues to increase. On 2 September, its value has reached a historical high of 5 013 dollars. But, it has since declined, although it still represents a rate of return of 1,000 per cent over 18 months. The recent rise in the price of Bitcoin is probably linked to the interest of China, despite the authorities ‘ repression.

Source : NewsWeek