A fake site ICO to educate users

The Securities and Exchange Commission, known under the abbreviation SEC, very critical of the ICO and the tip in particular the finger at the lack of regulation and the risk to investors. To educate the holders of crypto-currencies, the SEC has just launched a fake ICO.

Mock ICO

The objective of the Internet site HoweyCoins.com to poke fun at ICO. Humor is the basis of this false platform, the aim being to react the users and make them understand that crypto-currencies can be dangerous. There is a fake white paper of eight pages, of celebrities, a false team working on the ICO and fake partnerships.The site is fun to promise returns free, to offer discounts on the purchase of tokens, to inform, free of charge the user about different investment opportunities. But, in reality, when the investor clicks to buy corners, it is redirected to a warning page from the SEC. This last, you will have understood it, evokes the different risks inherent to an investment in ICO.

The HoweyCoins site is live! Check it out now: https://t.co/aXbyVVDguS #howeycoins #corners #ICO pic.twitter.com/rIwmT9dwTD

— SEC Investor Ed (@SEC_Investor_Ed) May 16, 2018

Of the many positive reactions

Maybe do you think that this initiative would not be successful and that it agacerait users ? Well this is absolutely not the case, on the contrary even. In effect, this mode of operation is atypical, but based on the humor has worn off. Many have applauded this initiative and to have congratulé the SEC for his warnings to be particularly interesting.

This fake DRY #ICO website is better than the majority of real ones out there…https://t. co/pBOKivRbvL

— Michael Thrasher (@Mike_Thrasher) May 16, 2018

The SEC does not wish to discourage users to invest in the ICO, but it is intended, rather, to warn them and warn them to avoid nasty surprises. Therefore, it is an educational tool to learn more about crypto-currencies and investments, which can sometimes be the source of serious problems.

The initiative is fun and well thought out. It must be confessed that in the present context, caution is required. Prevention is better than cure…

Source : Bitsonline