A famous YouTubeur Russian specializing in crypto-currencies savagely attacked

The famous YouTubeur Russian Pavel Nyashin has invested a lot of money in the crypto-currency, amassing a nice fortune equivalent to nearly 347, 000 euros. He was unfortunately assaulted and robbed, losing a large part of its investments.

A self-made millionaire Russian

Pavel Nyashin describes himself as a self-made millionaire. The man famous through her YouTube channel admits became particularly rich through its investments in crypto-currencies.

Copy screen YouTube

He had the clumsiness to evoke this wealth on social networks. And this is not fallen in deaf ears… In fact, burglars are well-informed came to visit him in the night from 14 to 15 January. They tied him up, then beat… before stealing a large amount of cash and valuable documents. Since the hospital of St. Petersburg, the young man is 23-year-old said : “They took the safe because they knew that there was cash in the house. Inside, we could find 24 million rubles, as well as document important. “

A beautiful shot for the burglars

The aggressors have thus stolen money liquid, but this is not the most upsetting for Pavel Nyashin. In fact, they have also taken the laptop to the young man in order to gain access to trading platforms and accounts. A judicial investigation was opened and, to this day, he would no less than 347 000 euros to this young man, who was not discreet enough ! The Russian media took advantage of this fact various to remember that it is not regrettably an isolated case. In fact, recently, Pavel Lerner, the CEO of the platform, EXMO, was kidnapped in Kiev. He was released after a ransom payment amounting to 1 million dollars… And similar cases have been reported in the United States.

Caution and discretion are called for. Remember-in !

Source : CoinTelegraph