A great promoter of irish accepts Bitcoins as means of payment

A large real estate developer in Northern Ireland has just announced that it was now possible to pay for real estate with Bitcoins. This is the first real estate company to take officially the cape in these regions.

A great first in Northern Ireland

The property developer Hagan Homes is the first company of this type in Ireland to participate actively in the adventure of the crypto-currency. In fact, the general director of the company has confirmed that it would now be possible to pay a real estate with Bitcoins.

Pixabay – Geralt / sponsor irish accepts payments in Bitcoins.

During the official announcement he stated : “The Bitcoin is a new payment method for an innovative and a new kind of money. It is very similar to a cash transaction. The use of Bitcoin has grown powerfully in the world and our acceptance of this new channel of payment reflects our desire to meet the demand of the market. “

Several of the challenges facing

The company is aware of the many challenges and knows that the use of the crypto-currency is still complicated : “of course, the use of Bitcoin carries certain risks, because of the volatility. But this way of payment is, however, technically reliable. And the buyers and sellers are finding creative ways to adopt this new mode of money transfer. And here we are ! “

Bitcoin Pixabay – The Digital Artist / The real estate sector is interested in crypto-currencies.

It seems obvious that there will be adjustments to be expected, but this company has the intention to bet on the future of the crypto-currency.

Real estate is a sector that is increasingly interested in the crypto-currencies. Several apartments are sold in Dubai in Bitcoins. This is also the case in Florida. And this is the first time in Northern Ireland. It would not be surprising that the same phenomenon will occur soon also in France.

Source : Belfast Telegraph