A hospital scottish treats dependency to crypto-currencies

The dependency on crypto-currencies would be-it was becoming a real disease ? It is the view of the hospital Castle Craig located in Scotland. In fact, several patients would be dependent on the trading of virtual currencies…

A true addiction

These are doctors of great renown who have left the silence to denounce a fact of society particularly disturbing. In fact, according to these experts scotland, we find more and more patients who are obsessed with crypto-currencies. To such a point that these people are no longer able to sleep and spend their time to verify in real time the fluctuations of the values of the digital currencies.

Pixabay SulyMan / Some investors suffer from a real addiction to crypto-currencies.

The doctors compare this addiction to the addiction to money games. So they use the same methods to heal, thus helping patients to take a step back in the face of their behavior that is not normal. Chris Burn, one of the therapists from the hospital in scotland, said : “The crypto-markets, which involve high risks and significant changes, will attract problem gamblers. They provide excitement and allow them to escape from reality. The Bitcoin, for example, has been the subject of significant transactions, with gains but also big losses. This situation is a speculative bubble classic. “

An essential aid

The doctors are concerned to see the number of these patients increase dramatically. The hospital would, therefore, now so many patients addicted to cocaine that of patients addicted to crypto-currencies. We need to help them to change their habits, as explained by Tony Marini, one of the doctors of the institution : “After having lived it myself, my experience with addiction allows me to understand what happens to people who are experiencing these problems, and to have empathy for them. “

Pixabay – MakeSomedonesDay / These patients have the same symptoms as those who are addicted to gambling.

It is, therefore, a new method that is at this moment experienced to help these investors become addicted to crypto-currencies. He will now have to see if it works or not…

Source : NCC