A hotel accepts only payments in the Petro in Venezuela

A luxury hotel, offering a breathtaking view of Caracas and the Caribbean coast, will only accept payments in Petro, the crypto-currency national of Venezuela. According to president Maduro, the hotel Humboldt, recently renovated, will be the first 7-star to adopt payments in the Petro.

Check out below the announcement in English :

A 7-star hotel in a very prestigious

The hotel Humboldt has a very good location. It provides an architecture of the Twentieth century. This hotel is located in the national park Waraira Repano, between the capital and the coast. The tower of 19 floors, built in Avila located at 2 140 m above sea level, offers a 360 degree panorama. The facade of the hotel is covered by the materials are very modern, comprised of aluminum and glass. It has 70 luxurious rooms and suites. We also discover game areas, conference rooms, an indoor pool and a cable car.

The hotel, built in 1956 by Marcos Jiménez, was to be part of the complex, tourist and recreational connecting Caracas to its coastal zone. At the time, Humboldt offered a high-quality service. There were several restaurants, first-class, a nightclub and even an ice skating rink. But the hotel was closed after the departure of Jiménez in 1958. In 1991, it reopened its doors, thanks to an investor in Italian. However, the government of Hugo Chávez has closed.

The Petro is to be popularized more and more in Venezuela

President Nicolás Maduro is at the origin of the re-opening of this hotel. It will be the first hotel establishment in the country to accept only the payments in Petro. All of the services offered by Humboldt will be charged exclusively in the digital currency issued by the State.

Source : Wikimedia Commons. A hotel accepts only payments in the Petro in Venezuela.

Maduro has also posted on Twitter pictures and videos of his visit to the hotel. He has indicated that they want the hotel to become a model for the application of the Petro. The socialist leader believes that tourism can be a real lever for the economy of venezuela and help the country out of the crisis.

Source : NewsBitcoin