A hotline to help investors depressed by the collapse of the market

A Russian company has just launched a “hotline Bitcoin” to support investors who are experiencing problems of a psychological nature, due to the decrease in the value of the crypto-currency.

Investors depressed

It is an incredible idea that this investment company Russian just have. This company, which is based in Moscow, the Blockchain Fund, just put up a psychological support service. The goal is to help investors depressed.

Pixabay – Geralt / The market has dropped so dramatically that some investors are panicking.

In fact, since the beginning of the month of January, the value of Bitcoin has dropped catastrophically, leaving some people in a terrible anguish. It must be said that there is a lot of money in the game ! To help, the investment fund offers a ” hotline Bitcoin “.

A hotline specific

This Russian company is specialized in the purchase and storage of crypto-currencies. Unfortunately, the diving of the markets has caused great concern among his customers. It must be said that the Bitcoin has increased from 20 000 to 6 000 $ in a few weeks.

A psychologist working for the hotline has thus explained : “Some people are panicked strokes, they do not understand what is happening. At the beginning, everything seemed to be going well on the market – it was then able to attend a radical change. “

A free service

Investors who are worried and who are not able to manage stress can call for free. But some of the consultations are to be paid for as custom and longer : “In a first time, I’m going to try to get to know the person who is at the end of the line. I’ll then listen to his story, and then give him advice to help him calm down and recover. It is very important that the person not to do anything stupid. “

Pixabay – WhoIsMargo / Some investors are so depressed that they consider suicide.

Because some investors are so worried that they would think of suicide. Hope that this hotline so special will help some people to get past this hurdle difficult.

Source : NCC