A japanese power company uses solar energy for the mining

Japan Kumamoto Energy, a producer and supplier of electricity local to the city of Kumamoto, has been found to have recently begun to use solar energy for the mining of crypto-currencies. This is another example of how, no offense to the hysteria of the environmental traditional media, it is possible to exploit energy sources more environmentally friendly for such an activity. The use of renewable energy in the mining of digital currencies could silence the critics.

Renewable energy for the mining

Kumamoto Energy announced on February 20, 2018 to have established a business affiliate that carries on a business of mining of crypto-currencies, called the OZ Mining in November 2017. The company has said they want to make efficient use of its surplus of electricity for the mining of digital currencies. Kumamoto Energy is a subsidiary of TakeEnergyCorporation which provides for the management of solar power plants in the city of Kumamoto.

Here is a video in English explaining perfectly these facts :

The group explained that OZ Mining buys regular electricity to Kumamoto Energy at a price of 10 to 19 yen/kWh, and has ample facilities for mining.

The solar for a mining operation more green

The critics criticize the crypto-currencies because of a production process expensive, requiring significant energy resources. The industry’s mining of virtual currency, would take control of power plants and would consume a lot of energy. A large portion of the electricity consumed in the world would be dedicated to the creation of crypto-currencies. The mining of Bitcoin, in particular, would consume more energy than some countries and would lead to an environmental disaster if nothing was done.

But the initiative of Kumamoto shows that, in some cases, it is possible to opt for a mining operation more green. Many sources of renewable energy such as solar, wind, hydro and geothermal are usually found in remote places of the human. If this solution becomes more popular, we may even expect to see their prices decrease.

Source : NewsBitcoin