A large company of european electricity will not offer its services to minors of crypto-currencies

This week, Enel, one of the largest electricity companies in Europe, has announced that the company had absolutely no interest in selling power to the miners of digital currencies. In some countries in Europe, the digital currencies are still poorly perceived. If today’s Russia is in the process of putting in place regulations to regulate this market, other States are reluctant to the idea of seeing the development of this activity.

Enel analysis the market of crypto-currencies

The multinational Italian renewable energy located in Rome, Enel, has made a statement this Thursday saying that it will not sell electricity to the centres that plan to exploit crypto-currencies. According to the publication Bloomberg, the company would have discussed an agreement with a company of crypto-currencies in Switzerland, called the Approximate AG. The news agency said that according to a source close to this case, Enel is evaluating the market to sell electricity to the swiss company and other miners of digital currencies.

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He indicated that Enel wants to understand how the companies of the energy sector can take advantage of the technology Blockchain. Leonardo Zannella, an Italian entrepreneur, explained that the miners of crypto-currencies, which can move their facilities to destinations where the electricity is cheap to benefit from the advantages.

Enel against the miners of crypto-currencies

In addition, the power company has changed his mind. The company said it was proud to provide the green energy derived from biomass, solar energy, wind energy, hydropower and geothermal resources. In addition, Enel has estimated that the mining of crypto-currencies is not carried out in the respect of the environment.

Source : Pixabay. Enel, a power company, refuses to offer its services to minors of crypto-currencies.

These stories have prompted many miners to chinese to establish their facilities in other countries. Recently, Bitmain Technologies has announced that it is looking for place in Canada. On the other hand, the group has also launched a subsidiary in Zug, Switzerland.

Source : NewsBitcoin