A loss of nearly $ 38 billion market of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin has experienced a fall during the end of the week, due to the cancellation of an update of the technology. Users do not have as well invested in this digital currency. Investors today are concerned about the situation of Bitcoin, which had benefited from an increase of over 800% this year. The Bitcoin has fallen by 9.5% since Friday, extending the decline to 29 %, according to data compiled by Coinmarketcap.com and Bloomberg.

Moreover, the Bitcoin Cash has benefited from an increase of nearly 40% since Friday. The Bitcoin Cash is gaining popularity. This is a technology that offers the effect of the transactions cheaper and faster.

The market value of Bitcoin is still $ 101 billion

The volatility resulting from it, has been extreme even for the standards of Bitcoins. It comes amid a growing interest in crypto-currencies. While skeptics have referred to the rapid growth of the Bitcoin bubble, it has become too important for many investors. Even after a decline of $ 38 billion since Wednesday, the Bitcoin shows a market value of $ 101 billion.

Journal of the Corner

Supporters of the upgrade of the technology are now in the process of moving to this digital currency, said Mike Kayamori, director, Quoine, the second company of échangesde Bitcoins the most active in the world.

A slowdown experienced on this market

The slowdown of the market for Bitcoin has brought down the shares of companies related to the crypto-currency, including PC Partner Group Ltd, a Hong Kong based enterprise which is specialized in the manufacture of graphics cards.

Asian equities were mixed, with investors awaiting the continuation of the discussions on the tax laws in the United States this week. The cancellation of the update of Bitcoin has brought the user to choose between the two versions of this digital currency.

Source : MoneyWeb