A man invests 56 000 euros in crypto-currencies and scammed

The misfortune of this man who lives near Vichy in the Allier could serve as a lesson to those who wish to embark on the adventure of crypto-currencies. Indeed, before investing, it is always necessary to check the reliability of the trading platform. The proof…

A serious scam

The man lives in Creuzier-le-Vieux, a small village near Vichy. Attracted to crypto-currencies, it was decided to place a portion of his money and has turned to the digital assets. He chose to trust a so-called bank anglo-saxon in the month of December 2017. He would have been contacted by email by a man who has proposed to invest 500 euros. The middle aged man accepts, and he finds that profits are important, and quickly credited to his account.

Pixabay – Mrs Brown / The man, who lives near Vichy, has been scammed and has lost the sum of 56 000 euros.

A few weeks later, his “advisor” called him again and offered him an important action. Here is what he says : “I press a bit, assures me that if I invested 20 000 euros right away, I’ll get an immediate profit of 10 %. I went to my bank to withdraw the money. My advisor had serious doubts, but I have not listened to it. I was sure of my shot. “

However, he recovers his amount. The scammers have put it into confidence and ask him then to invest 30 000 euro for a profit of 30 %. Then he pays again 26 000 euros a few days later. However, many clues would have been able to warn him because, this time, they had to send the funds – amounting therefore to 56 000 euros to a bank in malta.

A terrible ploy

The man finds that the payments of profits did not take place. He contacted the ” bank “, then his ” advisor “, who says that the problem is with a blockage of his / her bank.

Unfortunately, the suite that you have understood. It was a complete scam, and the fifty-year-old does will probably never have his money : “This bank was totally bogus. They do not have a SIRET number, no legal entity. At the time I wasn’t thinking at all. I have no hope of recovering my money. But I want, at least, that this bank is found guilty of scam, for it does not happen to anyone else. “

Pixabay – The DigitalArtist / The man has not checked the information concerning the safety of this online bank.

The man decided to file a complaint with the commissioner of Vichy and want to publicize his sad story to warn those who want to invest. It is best to choose trading platforms recognised and safe to place your money. A word to the wise.

Source : France 3 Regions

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    Mafia israeli protected by the israeli government who scam the eu through companies based in malta (accomplices).They have already extorted billions, the only solution is to take malta to the eu, or to put israel in front of the accomplished fact, but a big part of the gdp comes from scams of any kind.