A mansion for $ 6.5 million, which can be purchased with Bitcoin or the Bitcoin Cash

According to the Miami New Times, a new investor in the universe of crypto-currencies and a strong supporter of the new economy, Mike Komaransky, has recently decided to sell his mansion. The selling price is 6.5 million dollars, and the Bitcoin and the Bitcoin cash are accepted methods of payment.

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Komaransky, an investor is not like the others

Komaransky bought the house in 2014, and has offered to pay in Bitcoin. The previous owner did not accept his offer. So he had to pay in the currency of the traditional. Now that Komaransky the calls into sales, he decided to give the buyers the option to pay with Bitcoin or the Bitcoin Cash. “I want to show people that the goods and services of the real world are payable in crypto-currencies “, he said. In addition, he added that he knew that these important investments in Bitcoin are a good protection against inflation, in particular for people living in South America. According to him, this is an interesting use of protection against inflation. It predicts in particular that the crypto-currencies will be more popular in Latin America in the years to come. Komaransky is currently “semi-retired” to France with his family.


Homes are sold in exchange for Bitcoin is not new

The house is listed in the collection Cassis-Burke with the real estate agency Brown Harris Stevens in Miami. The real estate agents, Stephan Burke and Carol Cassis, said that it was the first time that they had a house to sell with the Bitcoin method of payment accepted. In the field of real estate, however, this option is not a novelty. In 2016, in Denmark, a man bought a house through Coinify to 117 Bitcoins. Earlier this year, another man decided to buy a house in California with Bitcoin, and to his surprise, he received a windfall of 25 % (approximately $ 1 million) thanks to a rise in the price of Bitcoin. Finally, a real estate company london specializes in the sale of mansion and accepts the Bitcoin as a method of payment.

Source : Cryptocoinsnews