A microchip in the arm to protect his Bitcoins

Some are willing to protect their crypto-currencies, including to be implanted with a microchip NFC under the skin. Back on this phenomenon ingenious, but it is particularly disturbing.

An electronic chip

A contractor, in Dutch, Martijn Wismeijer, has taken the decision in 2014 to have implanted two NFC chips under the skin. These contain the private keys to his wallet Bitcoins, the goal being to protect its investment. In fact, the man explained : “I can say without hesitation that I lost most of my Bitcoins as a result of hackings, theft, exchange platforms, which have closed, as well as other problems. If I had to put this chip in 2010, I would definitely be a rich man today. “

It is in a workshop for the piercing that he had been implementing these two chips in the glass, the size of a grain of rice. Each of these chips was then able to store 888 bytes of data. That was more than enough to put their Bitcoins to the shelter. Today, the man still has these chips, and seems convinced that it is the best way to protect his money.

A new mode

However, in the last few months, many investors seem to make the same choice as Martijn Wismeijer. The latter claims to know at least fifty people who have these chips. It must be said that there has been a lot of hackings and thefts, which worries obviously all those who own crypto-currencies.

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— Martijn Wismeijer (@twiet) April 15, 2018

Some are more reluctant to the idea of getting an identification microchip implanted. But Martijn Wismeijer explained that in reality, the process is simple, without danger and very little pain. In fact, it is the same principle that when an animal receives an identification chip.

In addition, these chips allow you to make purchases. With the smartphone, simply scan the chip to unlock his wallet and pay with its crypto-currencies. Please, be aware that these chips can be easily removed if you no longer need it.

Who knows, maybe in the future we will have a chip containing our money, and that it will be enough to extend an arm to pay ? After all, why not… all the more that the protection of the Bitcoins is a real priority for investors at the present time.

Source : NCC