A minor austrian could launch an IPO in 2018

Are you an investor concerned about the environment and who is looking to add some exposure to the Bitcoin to your wallet without the fear of melting polar ice caps ? A new business mining crypto-currencies using green energy could soon make its appearance.

Check out below the details of this novel :

A fund-raising prior to the implementation of the project

Hydrominer GmbH, a miner of crypto-currencies of austria, would consider a IPO (initial public) on the London Stock Exchange AIM in 2018. This does not mean that the company will focus only on the Blockchain, but seeks solutions to use this technology as a means of funding to expand its activity at the global level. The company has already raised approximately $ 2.8 million in an ICO in November 2017. Moreover, she believes that the integration of its shares on a stock exchange will increase their profitability. The chief financial officer of Hydrominer, Davies Guttmann, said that they want investors to invest in a company that operates within a secure framework.

The AIM is the place where small businesses can store actions with a control system more flexible than that which is applied on the market. The minor Vienna-based plans to get a larger investment. Mr. Guttmann has indicated that they will be able to raise enough money. A financial auditor has been called in to examine the situation of the company, he added.

Mining of Bitcoin green

Austria has more than 2,000 hydroelectric power plants, many of which are abandoned. This allows to save energy. Hydrominer operates its platforms mining in containers modular near the resorts of the Alps. Thus, the company only pays 4.5 cents per KwH, which is estimated to be 85 % lower than the average of the european Union.

Source : Gerd Altmann, Pixabay. Mining of Bitcoin in an ecological approach

Hydrominer also claims to be in negotiation to develop subsidiaries in Europe, Canada, and Austria. A partnership agreement could be announced in the coming months.

Source : NewsBitcoin