A movie is going to showcase the Bitcoin

Several films featuring the Bitcoin will be out before the summer. The main character in Superfly, a remake of the police drama, 1972, is in the process of exchanging money against the crypto-currency. The first movie of Director X will be released on July 15. The Bitcoin is in the process of taking a large-scale and the universe of the film would enjoy it. The film is expected to be completed by the end of the month of may.

Check out below the details of this new in English :

Superfly : the exchange of money against the crypto-currency

Have you ever heard of this movie fiction ? It was created by authors who try to exploit themes that some might consider taboo. Others will not, but in all cases, these works often grow to the limits of the appropriate, in their respective time. Sex, drugs, and violence are all part of themes meant to attract attention. The police film of 1972 Superfly is a good example.

Source : Wikimedia Commons. The remake of the film Superfly will feature the Bitcoin.

The remake of this film operates various various facts, but also a topical issue : the crime and the crypto-currency. Superfly is the first film by Director X, or Julien Christian Lutz. He has directed the clips of Rihanna, Jay-Z and Drake. Sony Pictures just released a trailer of this remake.

From the hunting of more than 6 000 Bitcoins

While some heroes earn money, others lose. The movie, whose storyline revolves around a conspiracy related to the Bitcoin, is turned to Russia. Two young men from the city of Kazan to the continuation of crypto-currency is lost. The main characters, Igor and Artur, will find themselves in a series of adventures.

The boys may have lost their digital currency for ever, when they made the mistake of selling the wrong PC at a pawn shop. Bitcoins with a value of almost 55 million dollars have been stored.

Source : NewsBitcoin