A new device for virtual reality that allows you to explore the Bitcoin in 3D

As an intangible asset, the Bitcoin can be difficult to identify. Every facet imaginable of the underlying technology of Bitcoin may be monitored, analyzed, and mapped. But the graphics can not tell you as much. This explorer 3D Blockchain, it can.


When virtual reality meets crypto-currencies

Despite the fanfare that welcomed the first applications of virtual reality, the technology has not always lived up to the hype that came with them. To this day, only a fraction of the players have migrated to virtual reality, and the retention rates are low. Months after the release of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, many users are tired of the 3D, and returned to the comfort of the kingdom two-dimensional. However, the domain in which the virtual reality as to make the magnitude is the visualization of data.

Here is a video, looks like this 3D visualization.

Go to the depths of the technology blockchain

Kevin Small has created a explorer Blockchain that allows anyone to see the process Blockchain implemented in the Bitcoin in 3D or in virtual reality. The developer british plans to present its creation at the Blockchain Summit in London, the 28th November next. Although the device is currently in the process of being perfected, a working model is already operational. It allows detectives of data to focus on a specific address and follow the flow of Bitcoins when it moves along the network Blockchain. Whether you are trying to monitor the funds of some whales Bitcoin, to reconstruct the last days of Mt Gox, or to know what happened to these Bitcoins that you have purchased in 2012 and you have foolishly sold the explorer 3D gives life to all of this.

Source : News.Bitcoin