A new portfolio of crypto-currencies who is doing the work at your place

With the current controversy around SegWit2x and the launch of the Bitcoin Lightning and Ethereum Raiden, the question of user-friendliness, and convenience in the use of crypto-currencies is, increasingly, being asked. The transaction times are very long and the difficulty in the management of the flow of data on the portfolios are brakes for a widespread adoption of crypto-currencies.


Facilitate and expedite transactions

The comparison with the financial transactions classic is usually the argument used against the use and trading of crypto-currencies. Of course, it is legitimate to consider that the payment by credit card or bank card is easier to trade crypto-currencies. But this masks the fact that the industry of crypto-currencies has made rapid progress in a short period of time. With the rapidity of the progress of the payments industry cryptographic and mobile payments, we should expect to see arriving of new solutions that would greatly facilitate the trade and exchange of crypto-currencies. Moreover, one of these innovations is already there.


“Zero fee for certain transactions “

The proposal of the TeLeX message I HAVE is quite simple : “using a chatbot built-in telegram which is linked to the portfolio TeLeX I user to perform all transactions and operations via instructions in natural language. Instead of having to connect on a portfolio, then find and enter all the data settings, you can send a message to a TeLeX message and tell him just what to do. In addition to improving the speed and security, this new portfolio of crypto-currency has a policy that could lead to a significant change in the industry of the Blockchain : “zero fees for certain transactions.” The team of TeLeX’VE expected that when a critical mass of users is on the platform, the sending peer-to-peer, and the receipt of funds can be instant and free.

Source : News.Bitcoin