A new scam on Twitter

A new case of scam on social networks was observed this Tuesday, may 1. The Twitter account of Vertcoin has indeed been hijacked, and a message from so the official account encouraged viewers to send the crypto-currency to a single email address.

An attempt to steal crypto-currencies

For several weeks now, some scam artists are rampant on the Web and particular on the social networks. The goal is always the same, namely to steal crypto-currencies to users. So, this Tuesday, may 1, it is Vertcoin, which was the victim of these manipulations. Fortunately, the situation was quickly brought under control, but some internet users have been victims of this hacking.

The @Vertcoin’s twitter account has been compromised. We have contacted @TwitterSupport. DO NOT accept any giveaways, they are all fake.

— James Lovejoy (@jamesl22) May 1, 2018

A few hours before the hacking, James Lovejoy, the lead developer of Vertcoin, had explained to users that the project account had been compromised. You could as well read on Twitter that the social network had been contacted to denounce this practice invasive and to resume the hand on the account. The moderators of the Vertcoin had also encouraged users to be very careful, and to ” not believe or share what is posted before you get the confirmation that we have been able to regain control of the account. “

A problem difficult to manage

The tweet stayed online for a long time, and three incoming transactions have been recorded. The sum is derisory, since we are told a total of 0,00668707 Bitcoins, which equates to a little over 60 dollars. Fortunately, the situation was quickly restored and mastered.

Copy screen Twitter – Vertcoin / The message was quickly deleted.

Unfortunately, these hacks are frequent these days. We are reminded of the pirates who had changed the name of an account to encourage users to make credit transfers in crypto-currencies. And several Twitter users had been a victim of these criminals without scruples. More than ever, caution is required !

Source : CoinDesk